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Terms and Conditions 

The terms and conditions of transport are between Bonita Kerr T/as (referred to hereafter as BKHT) and the client who makes the booking whether they are the owner, buyer, or guardian of the equine(s).

By accepting the quote you are accepting the terms and conditions of BKHT.

BKHT can only transport horses with a valid passport shown on arrival. Duplicate passports are acceptable, photocopies are not.

BKHT have public liability insurance for 2 million, and a £10,000 liability policy cover in place for each equine transported. However full responsibility for any costs incurred by injury, damage or death to the equine(s) remain with with the client as BKHT accept no liability in this regard. We therefore recommend you take out the relevant insurance for your equine(s) to cover them for any injury, damage, or death during transport.

Whilst we are happy to take your tack and other equipment to your event we accept no responsibility for any damage or loss to it.

We accept no responsibility for any delays for any reason during your transport and will not be liable for any costs resulting from delays such as entry fees, stabling costs, veterinary or farrier fees.

We will transport the equine(s) as presented to us whether or not it has protective equipment on, unless we deem it to be inappropriate and require it to be removed.

General waiting time is charged at £10 per hour.

We guarantee to transport your equine(s) in a well maintained vehicle that is cleaned and disinfected in accordance with Defra recommendations.

Whilst we are happy to discuss the route to be taken to your destination, the driver has the final decision on the route that will be driven.

All our drivers and staff hold a Certificate of Competence.

A £50 holding deposit is required for a booking. The deposit is non refundable if cancelled within 7 days of your transportation.

The remainder of the payment must be completed in full by 7pm the night before your transportation.

All payments to be made by BACS.

Whilst we suggest you warn us in advance of any loading difficulties you may anticipate, we are very experienced and are happy to quietly assist you to load your equine. If however the standing loading time allowance of 20 minutes is exceeded there will be an additional charge of £10 per 30 minutes extra time taken.

In the unlikely event we cannot safely load your equine the transportation will be cancelled but no refund will be offered/ given.

Equines must be fit and well and free from infectious diseases to travel. Therefore if, in our opinion, an equine is not fit to travel for any reason, we reserve the right to cancel a trip with no refund.

Please note you are certifying that your equine(s) will travel without concern, with or without company. 

Should an equine be taken ill or injured whilst being transported we reserve the right to call a vet and have treatment undertaken at the clients cost including euthanasia.

BKHT do not carry a sedative on board as they cannot be certain your equine is not allergic to it. If you think your equine(s) may need sedation to travel please organise this in advance.

The Horsebox is a 3.5 ton lorry with rear facing stalls and no breast bar with a stallion partition that can be moved in order to travel an equine(s) loose when it is more suitable to do so, for example when transporting a mare and foal. Extra tie rings are also fitted to the stalls in order to facilitate cross tying. There is an internal camera so the equine(s)are watched at all times. Water and basic first aid are carried as standard, hay can be provided on request and would be chargeable.

Normal working hours are 7am-6pm.

Emergency 24 hour transport offered. The call out fee is £80 with the transport charge added.

General waiting time is charged at £10 per hour.

Whole day prices to include waiting time available, please call for a quote.

We are more than happy to provide a specific quote for any trip but please note BKHT have a minimum charge of £80 per transportation based on a call out charge of £50 (only applied when millage alone doesn't amount to £80) and £1 per mile travelled from our base of CR3 7LR.

The client is liable for ANY damaged caused to the vehicle by his equine(s) up to a maximum of £800. Should the damage cause the vehicle to be unusable while repairs are made the client agrees to pay £150 per day for the loss of business incurred by the transporter.

Should it be necessary to charge for damage to the vehicle payment is to be made within 7 days of the repair quote being given. Failure to pay by this date will incur an interest charge of 5% over the Bank of England base rate from that time.

In the unlikely event of requiring it we have breakdown cover that WILL allow onward Licensed Horse Transport Carrier drops to different equine addresses. 

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